Teaching toddlers to write can be fun too

Teaching your toddlers to write can be a real test of your patience. It depends on a lot of factors like the ease with which they can hold a pencil, their willingness to write, their interest in writing or drawing and many more. The task of teaching your toddler to write can be made easy if you add an element of fun to it.

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and—snap!—the job’s a game!” – Mary Poppins

Before you move to teach toddlers to write alphabets and numbers…

It is important for parents to do their homework properly before moving to a formal training. Yes, I am talking about the basics. If your child is reluctant to write, understand the reason behind it first. Toddlers can have writing issues for various reasons. It may be an underdeveloped motor grip. Identify what the problem is so as to get them back into writing.

Develop proper eye-hand coordination. This is can be done with games like catching the ball or putting the beads in a box through a hole or it can be as simple as chasing your finger on a sheet of paper. This will also help a child develop his motor skills.

toddlers to write

Let the child use a lot of colours before moving to a pencil. You can use Maze puzzles. This can prove to be a good way to encourage them to write.

toddlers to write

To begin with…

Before beginning to write, it is important for a child to identify what he or she is going to write. So do activities to make toddlers identify the letters. You can write letters on flash cards and jumble them, and ask the child to find a particular letter. To make this activity more fun, you can do this on the sand at the beach. Draw the letter on the sand and ask your child to identify it. Visual learners can learn to write faster this way.

Let the child scribble as much as he can. This is going to improve their grip. Let them draw straight lines and curves or even shapes first before moving to write alphabets and numbers.

Before moving to paper and pencil, let the child write on a spread of flour, oatmeal or sand. You can even use play-doh to shape the alphabets. Even Dry erase boards, doodle boards and chalkboards can be fun too. Let the child learn at his own pace. He need not achieve perfection as he has just begun to write.

Starting with Alphabets…

At that young age, writing the alphabet can be difficult for a child, if there is no guidance. Getting them to write the alphabet shouldn’t be tough, but it’s better to start with the uppercase letters and then moving on to lowercase or else it can lead to confusions especially with ‘d’, ‘b’, ‘p’, ‘q’ etc. Also, you can begin with straight letters first like E, F, H, I, T, L then move to curved ones like C, O, Q and then to the diagonal ones like M, N, W etc.

toddlers to write

Explain the shapes of alphabets through various objects like balls, ice cream sticks, cap, cat, bubbles etc.

Write analphabet in front of him and help him trace it by holding his hand.

Let them write the alphabets on big sheets first and then gradually limiting it to two broad lines.

Last but not the least…

toddlers to write

Do not forget to Give Rewards:

Buy him stickers, cars, and toys that he loves. This would encourage him to write. But yes, let them remain as rewards and not as a bribe to make them write.



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