3 Major reasons to love the world #SayYesToTheWorld

love the world

Being in India, our generation has been blessed to witness the liberalization and globalization come at a time when we are at the helm of career paths and are capable enough to seize the opportunity to go global. There is so much across the world that amazes you and makes you believe there are numerous reasons to Love the World.

I have a travel experience of few countries and would like to share my first visit to Malaysia and the experience here. Travelling abroad for the first time surely was a big deal then and to add to it was a honeymoon trip. So butterflies all around. In India, being a developing nation moving out really was a paradigm shift for us. The change in the structures, the cities like Kuala Lumpur were astonishing for us. We felt alien for some time but slowly got used to it. It looked very different, to begin with, but with time we found out only the structures are different but the warmth and culture of the place were very close to us.

love the world

When we landed on the island of Langkawi our first conversation was with our taxi driver. Though language was a big barrier, though we were able to converse some way or the other. The icebreaker was Shahrukh Khan and Bollywood. We never knew it would help strike a chord with a local in a distant country like Malaysia. The connection helped us converse further and that airport pick-up turned into a 3-day long association. He took us across the island and also helped us try some new cuisines. He acted as a saviour when we desperately craved for some Indian food in that foreign land.

love the world

Malaysia as a country is marketed with a tagline as Truly Asia and we vouch for the same. It became a travel inspiration for us and a reason to love the world. We found a bit of all the cultures that you would find across South Asia. Coming back to Kuala Lumpur and a visit to Genting Highlands not only amazed us with the beauty of the place but also exposed us to all the cultures across Asia. There was all kind of restaurants which served almost everything available across Asia. The people were also a mix of all Asian countries and every now and then you run across an Indian or a Thai and you can discuss about our country back and the things at Malaysia which relate to them.

love the world

Overall our first international visit was full of pleasant surprises and we together as a couple discovered the joy of exploring new places and people and imbibing different cultures by gelling into with their food and dressing preferences. They really play a vital role in building a country’s culture.

Finally would like to suffice my article with following points as in what are the reasons that can make you Love the World, a little more :

where to buy Telestream ScreenFlow 4 The Exploration of an Unknown Territory:

Every country you are visiting along with its demography, flora and fauna is so unique that it can leave you with the thoughts of how so many countries in the world marked by manmade boundaries, are naturally so much distinct from each other. I love the vividness that gets displayed every mile you travel ahead.

see The People & Culture:

It takes ages to develop or mould a particular culture and make people believe and follow the same. The imprints of the past and present are always visible when you meet people and talk to them. People of the place are really the source that immediately makes you realize where you are and how your visit is going to go for times to come.

windows 10 iot buy The Food & Tastes:

The notable change in the food and tastes of people when we travel is also a wonderful gift this world has revealed for us. Such differences and with an assurance that you will surely find a big change in food cuisines when you travel from country to country is why I love this world. It is amazing to taste n number of varieties and preparations made of single bread when you travel across. This shows there is no dearth of creativity in the culinary channels of the world.

The urge to live more cultures and experience nature with the best tastes you can saviour in this one life make me a world traveller. Travel at every opportunity I get. I would truly live by the phrase given below:

If travel were to be free, you would never see me.

Keep Traveling and Keep Exploring.



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love the world


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