Top parenting tips for competitive exam season

As the season of the competitive exam is in the process, every child in this competitive world feels the peer pressure to excel academically so as to have a great future. However in this high-pressure atmosphere usually students are not able to perform well and eventually score even lower than their natural abilities. Some even take drastic steps when failure strikes in one or the other way. The following tips will give you a fair idea about what to do and how to handle your children starting from the preparation of examination to the declaration of the result so that each success and failure polish them to be more bright and excel in the long term. Tip 1- Encourage your children no matter what

Encouragement works in a big way. Sometimes a kid himself doesn’t know that he is capable of doing great things. However, a little bit of encouragement can do wonders for him/her. Encourage them to study, encourage them to take time off for few days and encourage them even in the time of failures when they are at their lowest point. Parents can motivate their child by telling those stories of great men like Abraham Lincoln, Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam, and few examples even from your own neighbourhood or family.

Tip 2- Help them to find the path of their life

For example, if your kid wants to do engineering then help him find good colleges and also assist him while submitting various entrance examination forms like JEE 2018, TNEA Exam 2018-2019, and research along with them to find more options. So that if one failure strikes they always have a backup plan to fall on. Always help your kid in this research.

Tip 3- Stop comparing your children

No two children can ever be compared. The comparison makes them less optimistic and more cynical. This behaviour is harmful both for the children and the parents. As you cannot compare a horse with a lion, so make them understand that everyone has different qualities. A happy kid can always make a success out of failures.

Tip 4- Look out for weird signs

No matter how strong a kid is, he will always get disturbed during the exams, so regularly have a light chat with them. Make them learn, to be grateful and have faith. Be vigilant and look out for some unusual behaviour like depressing talks, silent behaviour, crying etc and if any of these occurs, make them at ease by smooth talking or going for a short trip to a nearby ice cream parlour. Ice cream or chocolates always help and have a scientific relation to our brain functioning too hence serves a double purpose.

Tip 5- Nutritional diet makes a healthy body and efficient mind

Nutrition is the utmost requirement for the proper functioning of human mind and body. It regulates your kid’s hormones and makes them mentally healthy. Add Almonds, cashews, and fruits to their daily diet. If a child himself grabs an apple and eats it, that’s very good and if not, parents must be cautious to provide them with one. Junk food must be avoided as it makes the kid unhealthy and the trans fat hinders the brain functioning.

Tip 6- Make them rest and ease their mind

If your kid keeps on studying for 10 hours straight then eventually his brain efficiency deteriorates. A parent must ensure that there is an appropriate amount of sleep in his/her daily schedule and even regular breaks during his/her study hours.

Tip 7- Never make any competitive exam the ultimate goal for your kid

A competitive exam might be an ultimate goal for your kid but it should never be the one for you. So that if your child falls from the top of the ladder, you are always standing there to catch him/her and make them realize how a great many things are present in the world and it was just a meagre examination. Since the exam is around and national and state engineering entrance exams like VITEEE 2018 and JCECE Exam 2018-2019 are due in a couple of months, it becomes very important that you not only help the child with academics but also make sure, they are enjoying the process.

Tip 8- Help them with revision

Revision is the part where students mostly dwindle because of exam anxiety and related pressure. Help your kid to revise the syllabus and tell them it is okay not to know few answers. Be by their side until they are stable and help him/her through it.

Tip 9- Support them during an after-exam dilemma

There are around 6 subjects for which exam is to be taken by the student. However, if the first exam doesn’t go right then the subsequent bad exams may follow if child’s psychology is not handled properly. Assure them that everything is going to be alright and you are always by their side no matter what because it is very important to restore their confidence so that they can give the other exams with vigour and balanced mind.

All these tips can be handy while supporting your kid during examinations. However always customize the ideas according to the time and the type of person your kid is. Inculcating long-term reading habit and meditation may also help in the process. If the jigsaw puzzle of parents and kids fit perfectly it will surely lead to a happy and successful tomorrow.

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