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Play time is an integral part of a child’s life. It helps in the physical, cognitive, motor skills, social as well as the emotional development of a child. Toddlers are the most active of all and they want to learn and explore things by doing. But in many communities today, a child cannot play outside the house safely, until and unless there is an adult supervision. Call the environmental dangers or the human dangers as the reason for the same. And in a busy schedule, it is difficult for parents to supervise the child all the time. But then, toys come as a savior.

Toys are not just for the entertainment of the child but they also act as educational instruments. They help kids in shaping up their development by making use of the active energy a child has.

Toys offer parents and children an opportunity to spend some time together. Then there are few which can engage the child alone for few hours, helping moms to get some free time.

Whenever we think about gift ideas for kids, the first thing that comes to our mind is buying toys. We walk into a toy store or try to find things online. And then do you think it’s easy to choose from a huge array of toys, gleaming in front of your eyes?

No. We have a lot many questions running at the back of our mind like Is the product safe? Is it apt for the child’s age? Is it easy to use and understand? Will it last long? Will it be of any learning help? It the toy worth the price? Will the child have interest in using the toy?

Here are a few tips that might help you in making your job of choosing a perfect toy easier…

Family Game :

When a child turns four or beyond, they are good to play easy board games (That do not involve a lot of reading), like snakes and ladders. These board games help in building up memory skills, enhance counting and number techniques. The rules of the game teach the kids the value of self-control. Along with giving a family time, these games help the kids to understand the concept of winning and losing and how to deal with the same.

Toys that make the child active :

Seek for toys that can improve the physical skills of your child. Toys that make your child move around and not the ones that just entertain the child making him sit at one place unless it is an educational toy.

Books :

Sometimes the pictures grab a lot of attention from kids. If the child has interest, you can pick up books. There is a variety to that as well now. From the books that are chewable, there are books which have animal sounds or a puppet attached to it.

Pretend and Plays :

At the age of 3, kids usually start exploring and imitating the world around them. Toys can help them to shape up this imitating in a good manner. There is a huge range in this as well. Dolls, kitchen sets, doctor sets are toys of an old generation. And now we have things like real ice cream makers, complete kitchen wares set or even jewelry making in toys. You have toys which can really develop the imagination power of a child. They also help in problem-solving skills and move the child towards logical thinking.

Toys building fine motor skills :

Toys like puzzles, shape sorters, nesting cups, nuts and bolts are sure to improvise the eye hand co ordination of your child. It helps them to understand how things fit into each other, hence enhancing the logical reasoning of a child. These are good to use once the child reaches the age of 1.5 to 2.

Open-ended toys :

Choose toys that are versatile and can be used to play different games. Like colorful wooden blocks can be used to make towers, identify colors, make different shapes like an airplane or flowers.


Now comes the question of what to avoid??


Toys with a lot of light, sound, and music.

As I mentioned above, choose a toy that can make your child active physically as well as mentally. There are many such toys for toddlers available in the market which claim themselves to be developmental. But if the toy is doing everything, it is more for the entertainment of your child, rather than being developmental. An elephant playing different sounds and throwing some flash light is of no use as the kid has no activity involved, neither physical nor mental.

Gadgets :


I have seen a lot many kids who can hardly speak but can unlock the phone, open the games app and play whatever they want. Do you really think it is a thing to be proud about? Do you really think there is any benefit for a kid of age 3, playing Maze runner or Subway surfer on phone? No. It is a beginning of the addiction that will soon take a toll on the development of the child. It is true that we need to move on with the technology, but not so soon. A limited use is always acceptable for kids of age 3 and beyond but an adult should supervise that as well.

Keeping all of the above factors in mind, Skola has designed a world of toys, which provides learning with fun, skill development, emotional growth and much more. The toys are sure to keep the child engaged and will enhance his overall development. Learning wise, difficult aspects (say for example multiplication) can be simplified to understand with the help of Skola toys.

To make sure that your child’s overall development is on track, choose the toys wisely. More the toy allows the child to use her mind and body, much more is the learning

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