What if there is a situation of Umbilical cord around baby’s neck?

cord around baby's neck

where to buy Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 One of my close friend recently had a normal delivery, which she always wanted. When she was 37 weeks pregnant, her gynecologist told her that there is umbilical cord around baby’s neck and that the baby can be at risk. She was advised a C-section. She was so tensed to hear that her baby’s life is at risk and almost agreed for the C-sec.

On her husband’s advice, she went for a second opinion. This time the calmness of the doctor calmed her. Doctor told her that as long as the cord is long enough to get the baby’s head out there is no need for a C-sec and the baby can come out through Vaginal delivery that too when she completes her term. Only when the cord is too short to allow descent of the baby, then there is a chance of lack of progress and eventual fetal distress, which was not happening in this case. My friend delivered a healthy baby through vaginal delivery after she completed 39 weeks. A happy mom story , isn’t it.


What is Umbilical Cord?

Umbilical cord, a cord that connects a baby  in the womb to its mother. It not just intensifies the emotional bond, but also nurtures the baby by providing oxygen and nutrients from the placenta. A normal, healthy umbilical cord is covered with a thick protective coating, known as Wharton’s Jelly. It is greasy in texture and prevents the baby from compressing the arteries and vein that run through the cord. So if this cord gets wrapped around the neck, it doesn’t imposes a risk for the baby.

Nuchal Cord or cord around baby’s neck

A cord around the neck is one of many things moms-to-be fear about. A nuchal cord occurs when the umbilical cord becomes coiled around baby’s neck. Most often it is a single coil but in some cases it can be multiple too.

A nuchal cord happens for no apparent reason. However there is a possibility to have a cord around baby’s neck in case :

  • You are carrying twins
  • The fetal size is large
  • Position during birth is breech
  • There is an excess amniotic fluid

This is a very common event and occurs in about one-third of all childbirths. As the baby moves around during pregnancy, the cord gets wrapped around the neck.

Once the doctor has identified that there is a cord around baby’s neck, he or she will decide how to proceed with this in the best possible way.

The umbilical cord is usually 50 cm long and is wrapped loosely enough for the cord to be slipped over the baby’s head. If the cord is wrapped multiple times this may take awhile. Typically you will be asked not to push for a minute while this happen.

So, a normal delivery is possible with a nuchal cord and it is not essential to go for a C-section. One such hospital that truly believes in this and can be counted as one of the best hospital in Delhi is Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Reseach.

More about..Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research

cord around baby's neck

Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science & Research is a multi-specialty hospital. It is located in New Delhi’s Qutab Institutional Area. The doctors here work with a motto of ‘Care you can trust’. They emphasise on ethical medical practice and always puts the interest of the patient first.

Why Sitaram Bhartia for Maternity?

The doctors here give you a morale boost as you go for a normal delivery. Everything from your consultations, diet and exercises during pregnancy are tailored taking into consideration your need, lifestyle and medical conditions.

SitaRam Bhartia can be counted as a Normal Delivery expert. Doctors here believe that a normal delivery is the best for both mother as well as the child. For moms to be there is not just consultations but also antenatal classes. Moms are prepared for labor through childbirth classes as well as physiotherapy sessions. They have 24 hour onsite specialist gynecologists and pediatricians, well trained nurses, anesthetists and operating theatre as well as NICU facility. The doctors here firmly believe that women deserve to give birth in a safe and protected environment. They have been working for the last 15+ years to reduce unnecessary medical interventions or a C- section and give positive birth experience.

Giving birth naturally is one of the most beautiful experiences a woman can have. Nothing can be compared to that moment when you see your little one arrive right in front of your eyes. But a normal delivery is often perceived to be a risky experience, at times. However, with the right kind of support and guidance from not just your family but also doctors can help you have a smooth pregnancy. With this you can also expect to have a smooth normal delivery only if there is no medical indications for a cesarean.


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