Unique gifting ideas for him and her on this Valentine’s Day

Though Love doesn’t need materialistic things but gifts are the ways to express your feelings. The happiness that I get from opening a gift is only temporary, but sending or giving a gift leaves me with more self-fulfilling experience that lasts forever. Gifts can make someone feel special or strengthen a bond. It can be an act to show your gratitude or a way to elevate someone’s happiness. But then, there comes a time when we get stuck at ‘What to gift?’. Roses and Chocolates have become thing of the past…all you need is something that lasts. So here are the few gifting ideas that can help you make your Valentines day, much more special

1. Books :

A book is a gift that you can open again and again. If you know the personality of your loved one, you would be able to take a guess which genre would make a good gifting option. For beginners , Love story by Eric Segal will be an apt idea for Valentine’s Day.

2. Jewels / accessories :

You cannot have one good reason to prove that jewellery can’t be a good option. A woman is sure to love every piece of it. From pendants to rings to bracelets , anything can be a good idea to impress her. With fashion changing trends everyday, there is a wide array of jewellery created and designed specifically for men too. Otherwise accessories like cufflings, tie pins never go wrong.

3. Personalised gifts :

These have become the talk of the town and are sure to win anyone’s heart. And why not? If adding a few touchy lines or engraving a name can make an ordinary gift special, then it’s surely worth a try. Personalised gift is all about adding your sentiments.

But then even personalised gifts like personalised mugs or personalised photo albums have become very common these days. While seaching for a unique gift this year for my Valentine, I came across Vuro.com. As unique as the name sounds, so are the products. They have an amazing collection. The one that I liked the most is their Lithophane photoframes, which when lit from behind, brings out the beautiful shades of grey. A gift that’s sure to stand out among others, isn’t it?  And what more , you are free to have them on Lamp, Night Bulb, Lamps and Key Chain, depending on your budget.

You can use the code ‘JANULY’ to get a 10% off on your cart value at Vuro as you check out.

By the way, for girls like me,they also have a 3D selfie gift option. And as they are Surat based, you know where I am heading to on my next birthday .. 😉

4. Grooming hampers :

Grooming kits are not just thoughtful but are useful too. It can include anything from shaving kits to body washes to facial cleansers to perfumes. And the best part is you can customise this depending on your budget.

5. Tattoo session :

I gifted my husband a tattoo with his initials a few years back and trust me it turned out to be a sweet surprise for him. Though a little painful, this gifting option can surely make someone’ s day much more special.

6. Holiday :

Do you have an all time busy soulmate ?? Then you surely need a holiday together to keep your relationship alive. A two day trip to a near by place is not going to harm your busy schedules.

7. Gadgets :

If your wifey or husband is a gadget freak, surprise them with some latest launches. A simple hint..People obsessed with social media can be surprised with a DSLR 😉

8. 7 Vows with a twist :

This one is tried and tested. It’s meant specially for the couples who are about to start their new innings of life. You might remember Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma from the Manyavar and Mohey advertisement, but then this is what I did some 8 years back. Express what you want and will do to keep this beautiful bond of love, fresh.

9. Pamper hamper :

An everyday tired husband from work or a full time SAHM, gift your spouse the magic of Spa. Let both of you relax for a day. After all , loving oneself is equally important.

10. Hobby based gifts :

Who knows your spouse the best, other than you. If you know that he/she thinks about only one the thing ( other than you, of course) then why not surprise them with the same!! An oven or microwave for the chef in the house, DIY kits for DIY addicts, a coffee brewer for a coffee lover, a cricket bat for a Sachin fan, a travel magazine subscription for a travel enthusiast are only a few examples that can be cited.

Hope you liked these gifting ideas..Do mention in the comments which one you liked the most. If you have more such ideas feel free to share in the comments section …

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