What Is Unprocessed Virgin Hair

cheap Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional If you have purchased or looked for wigs, weave hair, or other hair pieces, you have no doubt already come across the term unprocessed virgin hair. You have also no doubt noticed that virgin hair is in high demand and is usually more expensive than hair without this label; but what is unprocessed virgin hair? Where does it come from? And why is it considered so valuable for wigs, weaves and other hair pieces? Let us take a closer look at the definition of unprocessed virgin hair–and why people seek it out.

Unprocessed Virgin Hair–By Definition.

buy online - Photoshop Retouching Techniques: Beauty Portraits (Feb. 2013) Unprocessed virgin hair can be broken into two primary components: unprocessed and virgin.

Unprocessed hair is hair which has not been chemically processed; this means that the hair has not been dyed in any way or bleached; the hair has also not been chemically permed; and has otherwise not been processed with any sort of chemicals, before or after it was cut. Some companies will go a step further in their search for unprocessed hair and require that the hair has never been blow-dried with a machine, but this is not always the case and can vary from source to source.

Virgin hair is hair which is considered to be cut purely from a single source. In other words, all of the hair ends and tops are facing in the same natural direction they were when the hair was cut from the single source head, rather than being made up of hair from several different sources. In addition, hair which is considered virgin must have the hair cuticle layers intact.

Unprocessed virgin hair, then, can be defined as hair which has never been chemically processed and is unaltered from the time of its cutting from a single source donor.

Hair Sources.

The source of the hair for unprocessed virgin hair wigs, weaves, hair pieces and hair bundles can vary greatly. The most common sources for this type of hair are Brazil, Malaysia and Indian. Brazilian hair is popular because of its durability and the ease with which it can be made into wigs and other hair pieces. But hair sources are not limited to these countries, and some companies offer hair pieces made from unprocessed virgin European hair as well; these sources are especially popular for wigs made for celebrities as well as other clients who want realistic, high quality pieces made in a variety of hair colors.

The Value of Virgin Hair

Human hair is a popular choice for wigs and other hair pieces, but the life and durability of a human wog or piece can vary greatly depending on the quality of the hair itself. Unprocessed virgin hair, when taken care of properly, can last a long time compared to processed hair which may already be weakened by chemicals and harsh treatment. Companies, therefore, seek out this type of hair in order to make hair products that satisfy customers through both quality and longevity.


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