Vitamin C health supplements for a healthy immune support

Vitamin C

Why Vitamin C?

Vitamin C which is also known as ascorbic acid is an important nutrient that is involved in the repairing of tissues in our body. It is essential for the functioning of several enzymes and is important for proper functioning of our immune system. It can also be categorized as an antioxidant. Vitamin C may also help in protection against heart disease by reducing the stiffness of arteries. There are various foods that are rich in vitamin C like citrus fruits, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, raw bell peppers, and strawberries. However, prolonged storage or cooking reduces the content of Vitamin C in our food and then we need health supplements to fulfill our needs.


Why Zenith?

Zenith nutrition’s Vitamin C health supplements comes with citrus bioflavonoids and rosehips. Flavonoids are believed to be highly effective at preventing and also treating varicose veins. They help in maintaining normal blood pressure. Rose hips are useful in treating stomach disorders and thus Vitamin C health supplements are better absorbed and provide powerful antioxidant protection. It also strengthens collagen and maintains white blood functions. In short, it promotes a healthy immune support.
Also, these supplements are 100% vegan and have no gluten, no fish, no lactose, no sugar, no salt, no color and no added flavor and are FSSAI approved.


There are 60 Vitamin C capsules packed in a sealed white plastic bottle.


These health supplements capsules are made up of only 3 components :
Vitamin C
Citrus Bioflavonoids

Servings :

As a dietary supplement, 1 capsule a day with meals is enough to keep you energized.

Pricing :

Though these are priced at Rs.760 , but Amazon has discounts too.

My experience:

Though these supplements cannot be a replacement for a healthy diet but yes, these have been a source of added energy to carry on my daily routine in a healthy manner.

Where to buy


Note :

Pregnant, lactating mothers should always consult a physician or their gynecologist before taking such supplements.A person suffering from medical condition should take these supplements under medical supervision only. Results of these supplements vary from person to person.

Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post, however, views are my own.



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