Ways to stop yourself from yelling at your child – my rainbow rules

To keep it real, kids can be as exasperating as adorable and cute they look. And moms are human beings too. My little one will do certain things at times, just to tease me and make me yell. But when I know its on purpose, I have to stop myself from yelling  and anyways, raising your voice means you are losing the battle, followed with the mom guilt. I am sure no one wants to get that. So instead, I try to follow one of these seven mantras to save my voice and energy too….


Breathe deeply and Imagine :

You have just finished the chores in the kitchen after cleaning up the rooms and you move to the living room to see a mess around created by your little toddler and you feel like shouting out‘Hell ya!! I just cleaned it up’. But take a deep breathe and think about the situation your toddler was facing. He had no one to play with, as you were busy in your work. Now imagine, the little face will have huge tears and then you would be guilty if you scream. You will have to undergo another task of calming him down.

Work together :

When your house is turned into a mess, of course you have to clean it up. If you scream or yell at the child, you will have to do this alone. But if you become friends to do this task, it will be easy for you as you will have a little helper by your side.

Support system :

At times, you tend to yell, because you are tired. Anxiety leads to anger, which is usually thrown out at the little one. At such situations, all you need is to take a break and ask for help. I look up to my best half to handle the baby. Dads are best with kids, especially when they have the guilt of spending less time with the child. You will hardly find them screaming or yelling at kids.

Expect less :

You can’t expect a toddler to keep everything at its place or not create a mess. He will be clingy and cranky at times. We as moms should not expect them to behave like adults. Even we as adults, don’t act mature at times. Then, those are little creatures, just born few years ago.

Chant :

When there are situation difficult to control, I chant in my mind ‘He is just two, don’t scream. Please don’t.’ And yes it works!!! You tend to see a smiling face in your mind , which you just want to kiss and not shout at.

Walk away :

When your toddler has a temper tantrum , it is sure to give one to you too!!! At such times, mommy takes a time out and walk away. I understand that it’s difficult to see the baby crying, but such tantrums exist only to grab some attention. And when they don’t get attention, these tantrums vanish on their own. When you walk away, you are also saving yourself from the guilt of screaming at your already cranky child.

Say a yes :

This is a new thing working wonders for me. When you really want to yell out a huge ‘Nooooo’ , say a yes to your toddler’s tantrums. Two days back, my son while walking in a mall wanted to do a car ride (done for kids inside the mall). But we were fully exhausted and wanted to go back home. He was almost about to get adamant for the same. Before that could happen, I said a yes for him. By the time he reached the toy cars for the ride, he said he don’t want to. And we were amazed !! This mantra is working perfectly the way I want it to be. No yelling, no screaming!!


Do you have more ideas to stop me from yelling!!! Need them. I am a mom. Share your views on the same by commenting…

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