When I started loving someone more than my husband

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It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 24 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Akshaya Nandakumar for introducing me. I am sure you would have loved her blog on the prompt for today .

Having ‘him’ in my life was one of the most wonderful things that happened to me. With each passing day, my love for him multiplied. Having him in my life gave me a reason to smile. With him being around, I have never regretted the changes that I welcomed in my life, be it in my career, attitude, or personal life. He made me such a more content person.

Yes, I was falling in love again, this time with my little newborn.  I’ve been wanting to write down a list of what the first year of motherhood taught me and what better than this Blogathon. The memories of the first 12 months will never fade away. Being a first-time mommy, every day used to be a new learning experience for me. From how to pick up a newborn to how to deal with tantrums, everything was taught to me by my little teacher.



Teaching me to be calm and patient was the toughest job for my parents. I learned it a harder way. Breastfeeding my son was actually a task. He learned to latch properly only when he turned 2 months. When we began our breastfeeding journey, every session had him and me crying for at least 10 minutes. He used to be hungry but couldn’t latch. It is so painful for a mom to see her child crying with hunger. I used to sweat (even in AC) with that sight of my son crying. But I did not give up. The duration of 10 minutes gradually reduced to 5 and then to zero.

So patience is actually a virtue. Motherhood helped me in cultivating it.


I can be alive with little sleep

It never occurred to me that I could actually survive with no sleep nights as well. I felt that the advice, ‘Sleep when the baby sleeps’ was a crap. When was I supposed to do the other pending work? I realised sleep was not that fun but yes, resting was. This resting involved chit-chatting with friends or enjoying a cup of HOT coffee with a good read, which otherwise was a farthing to do when baby is awake.


I am the best mom

While I was pregnant I used to wonder, if I would be a good mom or not. But then when this adorable little one gave me that first smile, my doubts vanished. I realised I was meant to be his mom because God chose me for him. There must have been something in me that I was bestowed with such a charming smile.


Babies are people too

I learned with him that even the small little ones have their small little world with humans around. So even he should be treated as an individual. I never force feed him. He never liked his fruits steamed. I tried feeding him those a couple of times but then gave up. Even we have our own preferences…so do the little babies.

Priorities change

It is okay if there are dishes to be washed or laundry to be folded. But it is not okay if you don’t have some time for your little one to play. Learning this, I realised that with a few minutes of cuddling and giggling with my little one can make me fresh and sane to do the rest of the chores even at night. So I learned not to miss an opportunity to enjoy a game with my son.


There is always a phase

This is my favourite phrase, whenever I am having a rough patch in my life. And of course, it came from my baby’s life, where there is a phase for everything. Teething phase, talking phase, crawling phase with no end to it.


I love my shape

Just as my little one taught me to accept myself as the best mom, he also taught me that I am a beautiful mom. I sometimes felt bad about my saggy breasts but with him glued to them (most of the time), I realised I have nature’s best gift. Blessed feeling


I need to be fit

Once my champ started crawling, other than keeping my house safe for him, I really had to run around the house. I used to get tired at times. And so the journey with Yoga and little exercises began. A mom really needs to be fit and strong.


Asking for help is okay.

I was actually someone who always hesitated to ask for help. But when it came to handling my baby along with household chores, I was actually losing my strength. This new mommy was only a month old when my mom in law decided to go back. I needed her support and time. I did not think even once before and asked her to stay back. And she agreed wholeheartedly (I know, a gem she is!!).


It is ok to breastfeed outside my house

When I was a teen, I used to feel sick at the sight of a breastfeeding mom (Yes, I was the judging one). Maybe, because we were born and brought up in such surroundings. But then the first year of breastfeeding sessions taught me that it is perfectly okay to feed in the car, parking areas, parks, malls or for that matter even a restaurant.


Bumps and bruises are part of learning

Learned this in the hardest way. My son fell off from the bed in his sleep when he was 5 months. My husband was on a business trip at that time. So it was a panicky mom dealing with a ‘not at all fragile’ but cranky (for losing his sleep) baby. Babies are not that fragile and he has taught me this, n number of times now. Walking, falling down, getting hurt, crying, getting back on feet and walking again is a way of life and this is what my little teacher has taught me.


Bittersweet is another word for parenting. With every milestone that my son achieved, I had mixed emotions. The joy that my little one was growing and sadness for the same reason. Here is a glimpse of his first-year journey.



I would take the opportunity to introduce Misha Jain who blogs at freshlybakedhead. Do check out for her take on the prompt for the day.


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