When learning numbers became easier through play

Numbers can provide a lot of fun as well as be learning for small kids. First, they become aware of the pronunciation of numbers, then they begin to understand what they mean by associating them with counting. Finally, they learn to recognise numbers when shown to them.

One thing that I can count on my three-year-old to do is, his capacity to ask questions. What I cannot count is the number of questions he has. He is always curious to know and understand the world around him. His questions talk about his desire to learn immensely. It is a fact that there is no better phase than toddlerhood to learn about new things. But also there is one more aspect to that when it comes to toddlers, which is that they are excitable and can barely sit still at one place. So, ‘learning’ is not possible in the traditional sense when it comes to teaching these little minds. If you really want to your toddler to learn something, you will have to get down to their level and make things work in a play way method.

To make this work for me, I recently got introduced to Skola toys. They believe that learning journey for little brains should be developed as a play, in order to make this journey a fun filled one.

About Skola Toys

Skola Toys are designed not just for entertainment purposes but they also provide practical learning experiences to the kids. Each of their toys has been designed with a research to provide the best learning experiences for the kids of age 2yrs to 7yrs. In the Skola land of learning children develop their cognitive skills, gross motor skills, problem-solving skills and discover a wealth of knowledge. All of this in fun and play!!

To add to the benefits, each learning journey (Language, Cognition, Dexterity, Our world, Environment and Numbers ) has been divided into stages of learning. For each age group, there is a different stage as every child has a different grasping power depending on his or her age.

My personal experience :

I was provided with the Counting Fish toy for my son, depending on his age. Counting fish is a vibrant and exciting toy that fish to give an understanding of quantities 1 to 10. It introduces and reinforces counting, which is the fundamental of arithmetic, in a fun way.

As the little learner, counts and moves the fish into the slot, with numerals on the board, they are able to understand one to one correspondence between name, symbol and quantity. As the child makes use of his fingers and hands to do the activities, they also develop their fine motor skills.

Specifications :


Packed in Skola doodle box, this set contains a colourful cabinet, with a theme of underwater life. It has ten wooden boards, wooden numerals from 1 to 10. And ten wooden fish to be placed on the boards.

 Activities revolving around Counting fish to enrich number knowledge:


Take out all the boards and arrange them in order. Ask the child to count while putting the fish in the slot starting from 1. Then place 1 in the numeral slot. Moving on to board number 2, move the first fish to the second board and then add one more or just pick two from the cabinet.

This activity makes the child understand the correlation between number and quantity.The child will also understand the succession of 1 to 10.



Take all the fish and numerals out from the compartment. Let the child pick any one board and place it on top of the shelf. Ask the child to place the fish in the slots and find the number that matches the number slot so as to place it there.

Putting the number in correct slots is the complementary pairing of shapes of fish and numerals.



Right & Left

Take all the fish out from the compartment.Teach the child how to sort the fish into ones facing right and one facing left.

Sorting based on the shape gives the child a clearer picture of lateral inversion



Sharpen the memory

Place the fish on a tray in another room. Arrange all numerals in front of you. Pick out anyone, and ask the child to identify the number. Let the child count and bring the corresponding number of fish from the tray.

This is sure to hone the memory skills for numbers, critical for arithmetic learning. Like when a child has to keep in mind a number while doing addition or subtraction, in future.

You can always be more creative to make your own games too!!

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Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post but the views and opinion are completely personal.


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