When Play Shifu became our travel companion : A review

It has been few days when I returned back from my vacation, vacations to mom’s place. Sounds fun!! Isn’t it? It actually is, but not when you have a toddler to travel with, that too for a train journey of 14 hours long. It is tough to make the child sit in one place for such long durations. So a lot of entertaining factors are needed for this purpose. To help me this time, Play Shifu was kind enough to send me two Shifu boxes with the themes of Wildlife and Travel. Here is my honest review of the same.

What is Play Shifu?

You can call these as Interactive tech toys. It is an Augmented reality-based educational game, which requires an Android or iOS mobile or tablet to play with. It merges the digital and the physical world to take your child’s learning to the next level. The child learns certain words, their meanings, spelling and interesting facts in a fun way. It comes in four different themes of Safari (animals), travel (vehicles), professions and space. They also have come up with an Augmented reality globe, called Orbootwhich I am sure you would not miss to check out.

Packaging :

This fun game comes in a cardboard box and is handy enough to be carried in your bag as you travel. The following are the contents:

Tablet/mobile stand to place your device

20 interactive cards, based on the theme you choose.

A unique activation code for the Shifu app. This code can be used 3 times, which means you can have the game on 3 different devices.

How does it work?

The Shifu app is one of the simplest to use. All you need to do is:

  1. Download the Shifu app from Playstore. You can even find this on Apple app store.
  2. Activate the app using the code. It’s a onetime process.
  3. Launch the app and place the device on the stand.
  4. Place the card in the play area, to see the things coming to life.


What does the child learn from Shifu Wildlife :

The kids not just enjoy the animation of animals in 3D but also get to learn about there natural habitat. They understand the distinctive sound made by each animal. There is a ‘feed me’ quiz which gives the child four options of food to feed the animal. It’s fun to watch the animal say, ‘No, No’ when a wrong food is given to the animal. They also get to learn the spelling and a fun fact about each animal.


What does the child learn from Shifu Ride :

The 3D images of the vehicles make the child learn the purpose of each vehicle along with the distinctive sound it creates. It also has few activities and fun puzzles to build the interest of your child. The fun spelling game is a part of Shifu Ride as well.


My experience with Shifu

As I already said that it acted as a saviour for me in my long hours’ travel, which means we are already enjoying this Augmented reality game. Though, as a mom, I do not support much of screen time, but half an hour for a great learning experience is allowed. It is far better than allowing them to watch cartoons.

What I like about Shifu

  1. The app is easy to use.
  2. The Internet is needed only at the time of installation, So, you can have your kids busy anytime anywhere.
  3. There is no in-app purchase or advertisements to disturb your play time.
  4. The material used is child-friendly and is completely safe.
  5. It not just builds up the memory of the child but also enhances their creativity and problem-solving skills.
  6. It grows with age as there are puzzles and vocabulary involved for elder kids.

Before you buy this

This app works for devices with 1GB RAM, Android OS 4.4 (Kitkat) or above, iOS 6.0 or above. Though the app works fine on mobile, but the clarity involved is much better in a tab or an iPad, due to the screen size. Also being an augmented reality app, it does heat up the phone. So to enjoy the experience of this app in its complete sense, one should own an iPad or a tab.

Criesnlaughter’s would rate this great learning experience with 4/5.

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